API Documentation


Adni provides a REST API that uses standard HTTP verbs and status codes, and transmits data as JSON.

This site serves as the primary source of documentation for the API.

General Notes

The base URL for all endpoints is https://www.adni.co/api/v1

Currently only one version of the API is available.

While we do not explicitly rate limit the API, the infrastructure may choose to reject a request and return a 429 error if there are too many requests at once. This usually only occurs due to large bursts of simultaneous requests. If this happens then simply wait and retry until the request succeeds.

If available, specific error messages are provided in a detail field in the response body.

Phone numbers are standardized to use E.164 formatting.

Datetimes are always returned as UTC, and use RFC 3339 formatting, which is mostly compatible with ISO 8601, but please be aware that there are some differences.

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