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The Adni API uses a key sent as a Bearer token in the HTTP Authentication header.

All API requests must be authenticated. Failure to properly authenticate will result in a 401 error.

Keys are generated per organization, do not expire, and can be revoked at any time.

Creating a New Key

To create a key, log in to an account with proper access to your organization, and you should see a link in the left nav for "API Keys". Go to that page and below the list of keys you should see a short form. Simply provide a name for the key and click "Create Key".

Once created, you should copy the key to a secure location, as it will not be visible again for security purposes.

Then to use the key, provide it in the headers of your HTTP requests. For example, if the key is abc123 then it would look like:

Authentication: Bearer abc123

GET /me

Request GET /me

Returns info about the organization associated with the API key used for access.

Response (200):

    org: {
        name: 'Example Organization Name'

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