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AI Copilot, powered by Adni


Recruiters, are you tired of spending countless hours manually sifting through clinician databases and reaching out to candidates for job openings? Say hello to your new best friend - Adni Intelligence (AI) Copilot. We're here to transform the way you connect with clinicians and supercharge your recruitment process.

The AI Copilot automates the outreach process to (re)engage your database of clinicians with precision and efficiency. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Here's how it works:

👉 Outreach: Specify the criteria of the clinicians you want to reach out to. For instance, Registered Nurses in Fresno, CA with expertise in neonatal intensive care. Adni Intelligence generates a list of potential candidates and personalized drafts for texts, emails, and phone calls tailored to each clinician's interests and preferences. Simply review and click "Send" when you're ready. Adni AI handles the rest, allowing you to sit back and monitor engagement. Then, you can focus on reaching out to clinicians who express interest.

👉 Daily Recommendations: Adni AI continually monitors your clinician database, providing you with daily recommendations for (re)engaging clinicians. Depending on clinician behaviors, we offer tailored actions to engage your candidate pool and place them in the right positions.

Adni takes one hour to launch, it runs itself, and results in immense ROI:

✅ Re(engage) clinicians in your database who have gone cold -- leading to more applicants

✅ Gamified incentives that lower your candidate acquisition cost

✅ Improved clinician satisfaction as clinicians feel valued and appreciated by your organization

✅ Improved clinician retention as a result of a sense of belonging formed between your organization and the clinician

✅ Manual work eliminated for your recruiters and marketing leaders -- so they can focus on high value tasks

Ready to supercharge your healthcare organization with Adni? Reach out for a demo!