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Community, powered by Adni


Fostering a sense of belonging within your community of clinicians is the cornerstone of loyalty and improved retention. Enter the Community Forum, powered by Adni, your conduit to building strong bonds and trust among your community of clinicians.

👉 Forge Meaningful Connections: Our social forum is tailor-made to encourage peer-to-peer interactions, facilitating the sharing of events, achievements, and recognition. It's the perfect platform for clinicians to connect and thrive together.

👉 Consistent Communication: Build trust through consistent communication and friendly reminders. With the Community Forum, maintaining a cohesive and engaged clinician community has never been easier.

👉 Celebrate Together: With Adni Automation, announcing the distribution of reward points becomes a cause for celebration. This feature ensures all clinicians feel appreciated and valued.

👉 Cultivating Clinician Wellbeing: Community is the heartbeat of clinician wellbeing, and with the Community Forum integrated into your Adni-powered Clinician Intranet, it's a breeze to create a thriving and supportive community among your clinician database.

Adni takes one hour to launch, it runs itself, and results in immense ROI:

✅ Re(engage) clinicians in your database who have gone cold -- leading to more applicants

✅ Gamified incentives that lower your candidate acquisition cost

✅ Improved clinician satisfaction as clinicians feel valued and appreciated by your organization

✅ Improved clinician retention as a result of a sense of belonging formed between your organization and the clinician

✅ Manual work eliminated for your recruiters and marketing leaders -- so they can focus on high value tasks

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