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How to Start a Nursing Side Hustle on the Adni Marketplace

As a healthcare worker, you possess valuable skills that can be monetized outside of your regular job. With the Adni Marketplace, it's easy to start a nursing side hustle and earn extra income from your expertise. Here's how to get started:

  1. Go to Canva: The first step is to create a digital product that you can sell on the Adni Marketplace. Canva is an excellent platform for designing templates and study guides. You can create resume templates, nursing study guides, NCLEX pathway to passing, cover letter templates, new grad nurse checklists, RN to NP tips, CNA to RN tips, and many more.
  2. Create a digital product: Think about what digital products you can create based on your experience and knowledge. Consider what nursing students or new graduates need help with, and create a product that provides a solution.
  3. Go to Adni Marketplace is the most holistic marketplace for healthcare workers, and it's an excellent platform for selling your digital products. Click on "become a seller," and complete the short application.
  4. Complete the short application: Adni will ask you a few questions about yourself, your background, and the digital products you intend to sell. Be honest and thorough, as this will help Adni understand your expertise and promote your products to the right audience.
  5. Add your digital products to the Adni Brand Admin Portal: Once you're approved, you can add your digital products to the Adni Brand Admin Portal. This is where you will manage your storefront, view your sales reports, and make changes to your products.
  6. Launch your storefront on Adni and share it with your nursing peers: After setting up your storefront, it's time to promote your products to your target audience. Share your storefront link with your nursing peers, post it on social media, and leverage any existing network you have.
  7. Collect orders: Once you start promoting your products, you can sit back and collect orders. Adni will handle the payment processing, and you'll receive your earnings through your preferred payment method.

Starting a nursing side hustle on the Adni Marketplace is an excellent way to earn extra income from your expertise. With these simple steps, you can create digital products and sell them to a targeted audience. Whether you're a new graduate or an experienced nurse, you can leverage your knowledge and skills to create a profitable side hustle on Adni. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your digital products today and launch your storefront on Adni!