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Automation, powered by Adni


Did you know… one of the top two reasons that impact a nurse's decision to leave their job is not feeling valued by their organization.

Recognizing the importance of your clinicians and providing them with a personalized experience is key to not only attracting top talent but also retaining them. Unfortunately, the burden of manual tasks, overwhelming workloads, and the use of disjointed software tools often leads to chaos for recruiters and marketing leaders, resulting in a lacking clinician experience.

Enter Adni Automation – your all-in-one clinician engagement solution to revolutionize the way you appreciate, incentivize, and celebrate your clinicians like never before. Let us shed some light on the incredible benefits that Adni Automation brings to the table:

πŸ‘‰ Recognition on Autopilot: Leverage pre-built workflows to celebrate clinicians’ work anniversaries, life events, birthdays, and more. Each workflow can be personalized specifically for a clinician using unique data collected on Adni, such as a clinician's hobbies, favorite products, and preferences.

πŸ‘‰ Automated Rewards & Gamification: Launch a rewards program that runs itself. Easily incentivize clinicians to apply for your jobs, refer their friends, complete their profiles, and accept contracts with reward points that can be used to shop for clinical gear and resources.

πŸ‘‰ Personalized Check-Ins: Automatically check-in with your clinicians throughout their journey. Provide helpful resources such as therapy and financial health coaches that help your clinicians feel valued that foster a culture of well-being and belonging.

πŸ‘‰ Re-engage Your Database: Upload your database of clinicians and provide access to your Clinician Portal, powered by Adni. Automatically reach out to previous candidates with personalized notes attached with gratitude gifts, job openings, and helpful resources.

Adni takes one hour to launch, it runs itself, and results in immense ROI:

βœ… Re(engage) clinicians in your database who have gone cold -- leading to more applicants

βœ… Gamified incentives that lower your candidate acquisition cost

βœ… Improved clinician satisfaction as clinicians feel valued and appreciated by your organization

βœ… Improved clinician retention as a result of a sense of belonging formed between your organization and the clinician

βœ… Manual work eliminated for your recruiters and marketing leaders -- so they can focus on high value tasks

Ready to supercharge your healthcare organization with Adni Automation? Reach out for a demo!