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Introducing Rewards that support and retain clinicians

During Healthcare HR Week, it feels fitting to share an exciting Adni product update. We can now white-label our marketplace to provide employers and healthcare organizations with a powerful way to support and retain their clinicians.

Some background: Adni is a marketplace for healthcare workers to find, share, and buy their gear and resources. We have aggregated everything healthcare workers need to excel at the bedside and beyond into one platform, from scrubs to CEs, wellness resources, community, and more.

With Rewards powered by Adni, we'll build your organization a branded website, whereby you can purchase clinicians marketplace credits for any occasion or user behavior desired (such as Nurses Week, a 1-year anniversary, after completing a system-wide survey, accepting a new contract, etc.).

Here's how it works:

  1. Employers log into the Adni Admin Portal to upload clinicians’ emails and their organization's logo.
  2. Employers purchase marketplace credits (aka reward points) and distribute them to clinicians on the Adni Admin Portal.
  3. Clinicians receive an invitation email to create an account on the organization's branded rewards portal. When they log in, their account will be automatically updated with the marketplace credits provided.
  4. Clinicians can then shop for their gear and resources and click "Use Points" at check-out to offset out-of-pocket expenses.

As a nurse-founded company, we understand the frustrations our product solves personally. As healthcare workers, it is overwhelming and expensive to access the gear and resources we need for work. Adni solves this problem by ensuring healthcare workers have one platform to access their gear and resources while saving money with reward points.

Hospitals average 100% staff turnover every 5 years (source). It is critical that employers provide staff with resources and benefits that decrease burnout, build resiliency, and improve workplace culture. Adni can help.

Adni recently partnered with Lead Health, a travel nursing agency, to launch their clinician rewards. Justin Allison, Chief Growth Officer at Lead, shared "...we’re so excited to offer clinician rewards powered by Adni so our clinicians can find, share, and buy the gear and resources they need to excel!" Within the first day, 64% of Lead's travelers had already engaged with their rewards portal. I am so excited by the positive impact our product is making for employers, clinicians, and brands alike.