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Lucid Staffing Partners with Adni to Launch a Clinician Community Platform to Support and Engage their Traveling Healthcare Professionals


Lucid Staffing, a staffing agency led by healthcare workers, has formed a strategic partnership with Adni, an all-in-one employee engagement platform built for healthcare professionals. This collaboration has led to the creation of the Lucid Traveler Portal, powered by Adni. The platform aims to provide valuable resources, community, and incentives to the Lucid clinician community, promoting engagement and loyalty.

Lucid Staffing is pioneering the future of healthcare staffing, delivering tailored solutions that redefine industry standards. Through Lucid's partnership with Adni, a platform founded by nurses for healthcare professionals' engagement, Lucid Staffing aims to enhance support for its clinicians and improve their overall clinician experience.

The Lucid Traveler Community Portal offers the following key features:

🛒 Marketplace: A user-friendly hub for clinicians to find and purchase various resources, from scrubs to educational materials, coffee, and more.

🤝 Community: An interactive forum for clinicians to connect, keep up-to-date with Lucid events, and share kudos with travelers, fostering communication and trust.

🏆 Rewards: A gamified system that rewards clinicians for accepting contracts and reaching milestones, with points that can be redeemed on the platform.

👨‍⚕️ Jobs: Clinicians can explore Lucid's job openings and apply with one click.

💰 Cost Savings: Exclusive deals and discounts on a variety of products and services to help clinicians save money.

Daniel Davenport B.S., R.T., Co-Founder and Agency Director at Lucid, stated, "Lucid Staffing Solutions celebrates its partnership with Adni, dedicated to providing healthcare travelers with a comprehensive suite of resources and unwavering support on their journey.”

In summary, this partnership exemplifies Lucid Staffing's dedication to reshaping healthcare staffing norms and ensuring clinicians are equipped with the necessary tools and a supportive community for their professional success. Lucid Staffing and Adni are jointly spearheading the transformation of healthcare staffing, empowering clinicians to easily access and share essential resources and equipment to excel in their roles.

About Lucid Staffing:

At Lucid Staffing Solutions, we're redefining the future of healthcare staffing. Our unique approach is fueled by firsthand experience, combining 50+ years of clinical/travel expertise. Our model, built on integrity, quality, and flexibility, is designed to meet the diverse needs of both healthcare systems and clinicians. We're proud to deliver innovative solutions that address emerging challenges and long-standing issues, creating meaningful change.

About Adni:

Adni (Formerly Lumify, YC S21) is a marketplace for nursing gear and resources serving over 800,000 clinicians across the U.S. and Canada. Adni allows healthcare employers to launch an all-in-one engagement platform created for clinicians, by clinicians. In this branded platform, clinicians can buy their gear, earn rewards, unlock discounts, find wellness resources, apply for jobs, and more. Learn more at