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Nurse-founded companies, Davin Healthcare and Adni, announce partnership to support Davin’s workforce with Adni’s engagement platform


Davin Healthcare, the first nurse-founded and employee-owned MSP organization in the United States, has announced a strategic partnership with Adni, an all-in-one engagement platform for healthcare professionals, by healthcare professionals. The collaboration has resulted in the introduction of the Davin Perks Platform (, powered by Adni, which aims to offer valuable resources and incentives for the Davin clinician community to help build a more engaged and loyal workforce.

Davin Healthcare has established itself as a reputable healthcare staffing firm, dedicated to connecting exceptional clinicians with quality job opportunities. By teaming up with Adni, Davin aims to strengthen its commitment to supporting their clinicians and providing the best clinician experience possible.

The Davin Clinician Perks Platform offers the following key features:

👉 Marketplace: A one-stop shop for clinicians, by clinicians, to find, share, and buy their gear and resources. From scrubs to coffee, therapy, and continuing education, the Davin Healthcare Perks Platform powered by Adni has it all.

👉 Community: Seamless peer-to-peer connections among clinicians with a social forum designed for sharing events and recognizing team members. Davin Healthcare plans to build trust with consistent communication.

👉 Rewards: Powerful gamification to reward clinicians for accepting contracts, reaching anniversary milestones, and more. These reward points don't expire and can be used to purchase any product or service on the Davin Healthcare Perks Platform powered by Adni. Recognition made frictionless.

👉 Jobs: Clinicians can explore Davin’s job openings and apply with one-click.

👉 Cost Savings: Recognizing the financial responsibilities faced by clinicians, the Davin Healthcare Perks Platform offers exclusive deals, discounts, and money-saving opportunities, helping clinicians save money in one easy-to-use platform.

David Theobald, MS, RN, CSP, Founder & CEO at Davin, shared that “Davin Healthcare is proud to be partnering with Adni on our new engagement initiative. Our partnership is a great way to support recognition, loyalty, and clinical excellence of the Davin Health care nurses and allied healthcare professionals with a fellow nurse-led organization.”

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, BSN, RN, Co-Founder & CEO at Adni stated, “We’re so excited to be partnering with another nurse-founded company to provide Davin’s clinicians with the best-in-class, best-in-price gear and resources that we’ve aggregated at Adni. It's vital that healthcare employers provide their clinicians with tools that support them at the bedside and beyond -- and Davin is leading the way by launching an engagement platform powered by Adni!”

About Adni:

Adni (Formerly Lumify, YC S21) is a marketplace for nursing gear and resources serving over 800,000 clinicians across the U.S. and Canada. Adni allows healthcare employers to launch an all-in-one engagement platform created for clinicians, by clinicians. In this branded platform, clinicians can buy their gear, earn rewards, unlock discounts, find wellness resources, apply for jobs, and more. Learn more at