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Support nurse-founded brands this Nurses Week

It’s Nurses’ Week! There is no better time than now to support businesses founded by nurses and nursing students. Check out these 30 nurse-founded businesses, which you can find on the Adni Marketplace!

Coached by Chen

Introducing Coached by Chen, a one-stop-shop for all things nursing. Our products range from digital tools and tip sheets that help nurses keep track of their daily timelines and reports to comfortable and stylish sweatshirts that are perfect for nurses to wear on and off the job. We are dedicated to helping nurses work more efficiently and comfortably, so they can focus on providing the best care possible. With Coached by Chen, you can be sure you're getting the best products for nurses, by nurses.

Coffee & Care Co.

Nurse-owned shop creating interchangeable badge reels & small accessories. Our motto here at Coffee & Care Co. is caffeine po prn, and our mission is simple - to add a little sparkle to your shift - and we hope we can do just that!

Crafty Cai

Just another small business that started during the pandemic. Crafting kept me extra busy which helped with my anxiety when the pandemic began. I started sewing masks since they were not widely available. My Etsy shop was then called Masks by Cai. I then upgraded to personalizing masks that led to bigger things such as sweaters, shirts, stickers and tumblers! I am a full-time nurse, mom and Navy wife. Cai is my nickname given by one of my godmothers. Thank you for stopping by, stay long as you need to. I'm sure you'll find something you like!

Heart + Sound Solutions

Owned by practicing Physicians and Nurses. Heart + Sound Solutions offers top-quality stethoscopes and various other items required by nurses, nursing students, paramedics and other first responders.

Her Crescent & Co

Nurse-owned shop creating nurse-inspired products and sharing medical art and illustrations!

Jus Like That

Jus Like That focuses on supporting nursing students through school and into their new careers while championing diversity. As the world becomes increasingly digitized and tech-driven, it's clear that learning happens far beyond the traditional classroom and textbooks. I felt inspired to fuse social media, teaching, and my down-to-earth personality in a relatable and engaging way; and respond directly to what students need and want!

Latrina Walden

An organization committed to helping NP students succeed! Latrina’s years of practice, combined with her signature style, love of teaching, study material & methods - help guide you through your transition from being a Registered Nurse to becoming an NP.

Lumify Care

A wearable LED light that helps healthcare workers illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient sleep disturbances.

Mel's Crafty Corner

A creative corner spreading good vibes with handcrafted goods made just for you! Look and feel good while tackling essential responsibilities.

Nurse Files Co.

High-yield digital resources to support nurses at the bedside and in the classroom.

Nusse Kay Knows

Kelita Raphael, known as Kay in the nurse social media world, is a board-certified family nurse practitioner, board-certified RN and clinical nurse educator with over 11 years of experience in nursing. Her experience and passion for teaching led Kay to create products and resources to support and empower other nurses and nursing students!


Nurseology is a company that sells a uniquely curated collection of products made by nurses, for nurses. We offer funky compression socks, cozy cotton socks, and amusing badge holders designed by us! It is our hope to energize the nursing community by adding a clever touch to the scrub uniform.


Leading the way in medical excellence! A scrub line built with a stethoscope holder sewn into the waistband, designated pockets for scissors, cell phones, ID cards, pens, and a badge clip holder, OliveUs scrubs have a space for everything medical professionals need. Made with superior bacteria-resistant fabric and flattering styles, this innovative, patent-pending design is a game changer for the medical apparel marketplace. OliveUs are comfortable, functional, and tasteful. It is important to feel good about how we look and perform in our jobs, and we need the right clothes to help accomplish that.

Purpose People

After working as a nurse for several years and seeing firsthand how many exhausted nurses struggled to be fulfilled in their careers, Eva started to explore why. She secured the LLC for Purpose People in June of 2019 before the brand existed because she knew nurses needed a community and support. The brand truly started in October 2019 with six mugs and a dream to help nurses feel seen and appreciated.

Registered Nurse Guide

Let’s face it, there is SO much information thrown at us during nursing school that it can be difficult to digest at times! That is why I created a bundle of study guides and cheat sheets that include the biggest takeaways to help you succeed on your school exams, NCLEX and in your nursing career! Registered Nurse Guide combines all the “need to know” information into a couple of pages versus hundreds of slides or pages in a textbook.


On a mission to provide the Medical Community with high-quality educational content to assist in organization, and learning, while in school, clinical, or on shift. All information is able to be taught, but it's HOW it's taught makes all the difference.


RNegade, is a continuing education web application and platform for nurses, by nurses. Our platform disrupts the tedious, antiquated nursing continuing education industry, and paves the way for nurses to receive cutting-edge health information that is easily accessible. RNegade allows nurses to complete all their continuing education needs in one place. Giving nurses choices in what and how they learn and showing them that “this is the way we have always done it” no longer works. We empower nurses to take back their profession and, simultaneously, open the door to better outcomes for the patients all nurses serve.

Rumii Bag

The Rumii bag is a fanny pack for nurses that has been designed with specifications to make a nurses shift as efficient as possible. From scissor pockets to a loop for badge reels as well as IV caps, the bag is curated so nurses can spend less time gathering supplies and more time spent with their patients. The bag has been built to be compact enough to not get in the way of your duties but also the perfect size to fit all of your supplies. Rumii will help assist you, as you assist your patients.


Luxury skincare for healthcare workers, by healthcare workers.


Hi! I’m Lauren, the founder of ScrubLife Notes. After graduating with my BSN nearly five years ago, I started as a new graduate nurse in the ICU. The transition from nursing school to real-world nursing is challenging, confusing and incredibly complex. I felt like the education modules and reference handouts I was offered were time confusing and ultimately, unhelpful. So, I took my learning into my own hands and thus, ScrubLife Notes was born. I created visual study guides to help myself adapt to the steep learning curve that comes with working in the ICU. As of today, I have helped thousands of nursing students, nurses, and nurse practitioners learn through visually stimulating, easy-to-comprehend learning guides.

Scrub Society

An inclusive community of healthcare professionals sharing tips, tricks and stories for navigating one of the largest industries in the world. Shop the cutest pins that will make your shift a bit brighter.

SHAPE | Medical

Our story is like many of yours - we would work twelve-hour shifts, three days a week while trying to find time to sleep, travel, see loved ones, care for ourselves and be more than just an employee. We wanted to create something that drove people to achieve their goals and we envisioned a brand that designed products for healthcare workers as our purpose. SHAPE I Medical is a brand that seeks to empower healthcare professionals to provide optimal care to their patients by providing high-quality products at affordable prices. We are inspired by your journey, and we want to help you on the path to your destination. When you go to work, you’re there for your patient; here we show up for you.

Shift Change RN

Shift Change RN started when our founder realized there was a disconnect with the transition from classroom nursing to bedside/clinical nursing. Pocket notebooks were our bulky, unorganized best friend. Trying to nail down that need-to-know vs nice-to-know information was impossible. Cue Shift Change RN. Need-to-know info right at your fingertips with an aesthetically pleasing look. No more messy notebooks with hard to find info. Think of us as your nurse bestie. We’re there for the best times, the worst times, and the times that finally “click”!


An inconspicuous way to block foul odors.

Stitched Kindnes

Fun and high-quality headbands, bows, and scrunchies.

Taylor Made Scrub Hats

Comfortable, fun, and fashionable scrub hats.

The Résumé Rx

The Résumé Rx helps nursing professionals find and land their dream job.

TX Tee Haus

A nurse-founded company focused on creating original apparel and gifts for healthcare workers.


Fashionable, Functional Footwear.


As a Paramedic and Flight Nurse, I have found myself more and more dissatisfied with the "disposable" shears on the market. Knowing we could create a product that would outperform and outlast anything else available, I teamed up with a world-class product designer and manufacturing partner, and we are working hard to bring you the highest quality, most innovative trauma shears available today.