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Top 10 Products Every Healthcare Worker Needs on the Adni Marketplace

Adni Marketplace offers a variety of products that cater to the needs of healthcare workers, making their work more efficient and comfortable. Let's take a closer look at ten of these amazing products:

  1. Adni uNight Light 2.0 - This is a wearable LED light that helps healthcare workers illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient disturbances. The uNight Light 2.0 comes with a USB charger and has improved features, including an individual light button, stronger magnet, and light dimmer. Its white light has been perfected to mimic the preferred lighting for assessments and use in the clinical setting. The uNight Light 2.0 also has a QR code to download the Adni App, making it a one-stop-shop for healthcare workers.
  2. Welles Scrubs - These scrubs are a new generation of biodegradable materials designed to leave no trace. They come in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes, and are impactful clothing for people and planet. Created by Oscar de la Renta alums, Welles Scrubs are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  3. Uni Nursing Shoes - Created by nurses, these shoes are antimicrobial, water/stain-resistant, slip-resistant, breathable, durable, and easy to clean. They feature memory foam and ankle guards, providing all-day comfort for healthcare workers.
  4. PRO Compression Socks - These are premium compression socks suitable for all activities. PRO Compression Socks offer support and comfort for healthcare workers, especially during long shifts.
  5. Rumii Bag - The Rumii bag is a fanny pack designed specifically for nurses, with scissor pockets, a loop for badge reels, and IV caps. It's compact enough not to get in the way of duties but also the perfect size to fit all supplies, allowing nurses to spend less time gathering supplies and more time spent with patients.
  6. StinkBalm - This is an inconspicuous way to block foul odors, keeping healthcare workers smelling fresh throughout their shifts.
  7. Fulton Insoles - Fulton is a modern brand of arch support, offering the world’s most comfortable, supportive, and sustainable (carbon negative!) shoe insoles. The Classic Insole was designed for casual shoes, sneakers, and nursing shoes with removable insoles, mitigating foot, knee, and back pain from the ground up.
  8. Qontevo Lunch Box - This is a spacious and functional lunch bag designed to hold everything healthcare workers need without compromising on style. 1. Qontevo Lunch Box is perfect for healthcare workers who work long hours, have more than one mouth to feed throughout the day, or simply eat more than a rabbit when they finally snag a few minutes to refuel.
  9. Taylor Made Scrub Hats - These hats are comfortable, fun, and fashionable, adding a touch of personality to healthcare workers' uniforms.
  10. XShear Trauma Shears - These shears are designed to outperform and outlast any other disposable shears on the market. They are the highest quality and most innovative trauma shears available today, perfect for paramedics and flight nurses.

Adni Marketplace offers all of these amazing products to healthcare workers, providing them with the tools they need to perform their jobs efficiently and comfortably.